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Applet Categories

small4.gif (1046 bytes) Counters (9)
Java counters ranging from simple to complex that log detailed info about your surfers.
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Digital and analog clocks (25)
Add these cool time devices to your site, and your surfers will never loose track of time again!
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Games (26)
Click here for games written in Java. While they may not be as interactive as the computer games we're used to playing, they can be just as fun!
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Images (38)
Click here for applets that manipulate images to create interesting effects.
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Java Search Engines (12)
Add search capabilies to your site using these applets. Some of them allow your surfers to search the WWW using the popular search engines on the web, others perform internal site search (searching within your own site).
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Menu and navigation (27)
Is your site hard to navigate around? Use Java to change that!
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Music and sound (3)
Make a lot of noise with these applets!
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Scrollers and Ticker Tapes (21)
Use these applets to transform dull text to self-scrolling "billboards"!
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Slideshows (17)
A variety of slideshow applets.
small4.gif (1046 bytes)

Text Animation And Effects (15)
These applets make text wavy, fade in and out, change style, and more.

small4.gif (1046 bytes) Other (16)
Other applets that don't fit into any of the above categories...
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Web Animations (Lots!)
You've found some great Java applets, now prepare for some fabulous web animations! All original, all animated, and all free.
small4.gif (1046 bytes) JavaScripts (269)
This section links to hundreds of free JavaScripts in categories ranging from navigation to image effects and sound.
small4.gif (1046 bytes) Dynamic HTML scripts (115)
This section links directly to a huge archive of superbly written DHTML scripts and components to spice up your site, all original, and free.

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Click here for JavaScript Kit!

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