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  • ClientSearch freeware
    A client-side search engine developed by a webmaster for sites that want an internal search engine, but do not have access to CGI.
  • DieselPoint search software freeware/ commercial versions
    Dieselpoint Search is an advanced search software for documents and databases. Written entirely in Java, it provides high scalability and numerous high-end features, including linguistic processing, multi-language support, and a high-performance crawler. Free version of software available for small sites.
  • DJSearch free for non commercial use
    A cute Search engine applet with a variety of features. Options include placing a personalized logo on the top of the applet , as well as a message ( both can be omitted if you wish) Eight search engines are included. You can add more by modifying the search engine text file as explained in the documentation.
  • GeoSiteSearch freeware
    This free, impressive applet searches your own site for results. Uses Google, so its lightening fast and accurate.
  • House Spider freeware
    HouseSpider is an Java applet that adds search capability to your web site. It can search by two methods, by spidering through your site or by searching a cached index file. Spider-searching is very easy to set up and requires no maintenance, but is slow. Cache searching requires only a little more attention to set-up and is very fast, sometimes even faster than server-hosted cgi programs!
  • In2reach Site Search freeware New
    This is a Java Search Applet built with Borland J.Builder, that reads an index file on a server and performs a keyword search on the URL's listed in this index file.
  • Java Search the search engines freeware
    An external search engine applet that allows your surfers to choose from the various search engines on the net to query a search.
  • Patrick's internal site search applet  $20 after trial
    An award winning search engine applet that searches a website for keywords by parsing and following links on the site.  When the applet indicates it is finished, you can double click on any of the links to go to that page.
  • Personal Search 2.4 freeware
    PersonalSearch is a Java search engine for your site. You decide what keywords it should respond to and what URLs are included in the engine. It consists of an applet that you can put on your site and a Java application that allows you to customize the search file. Requires Java 1.1 Runtime Environment.
  • SearchLite freeware
    A simple, single word internal site search applet. Like most internal search engine applets, this one follows the links on the page containing the applet to search deeper into the web site.
  • SearchApp freeware
    Put this applet on your page to allow visitors to easily search the major search engines from your site.
  • Search Light freeware
    Another internal site search applet that searches the text of a web site for a match.
  • SimpleSiteSearch freeware
    This is a client-side internal site search applet that searches the documents in the site where the applet is installed. Can be used on any webpage to add search capabilities to it!
  • Search This freeware
    Add search to your site with this applet. When the user types in a phrase and clicks the search button, the applet will search a db.txt file for the words and attempt to make associations.
  • JavaScript Kit search scripts
    Another way to search a site or the web is through JavaScript. Check out these search-related JavaScripts from

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