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  • 7 a.m live news ticker free service
    Want to feed your surfers live news? The 7 am news ticker is a free applet that connects to various news sources to constantly update itself with the latest news for your surfers to see!
  • Ace Internet News ticker free service
    Free UK biased ticker featuring news headlines, weather reports, lottery results and more.
  • Acute applets freeware
    Sophisticated, visually attractive scroller applet. Recommended.
  • AnnounceIT (v 5.0) freeware
    AnnounceIT is a free message applet that displays as many messages as you want, with various "fade" effects applied during message change. No more heavy gifs to deal with to accomplish the same effect!
  • Announcer free with limitation
    Announcer scrolls messages upwards, pausing between each message!
  • Applixa scroller freeware
    Applixa Scroller is an easy to use Java based text scroller. It can be used for scrolling news feeds, stock quotes, product offers or special announcements.
  • aTicker freeware
    aTicker is a simple and free ticker applet with javascript support. Pauses when the mouse moves over to interact with it.
  • CodeBrain News freeware
    CodeBrainNews is a multi-item text scroller. It will handle hundreds of lines of text without problem, and each item is linkable (URL, frame, target). MouseOver highlights an individual item and pauses the scrolling.
  • Daily Factoid free service
    The Daily Factoid is a cool, interactive applet that displays a daily fun fact, updated five times a week. Just copy some HTML code onto your web page, and off you go!
  • DJScroll freeware
    One of the most versatile up-down scrollers we've seen, this one supports images, links, bullets, background, and more!
  • Goverrnor News Ticker freeware
    A superb new ticker with a great interface, pauses when the mouse moves over it, and highlights the text the mouse is over. Excellent!
  • Horizontal-then-vertical scroller freeware
    This unique Java scroller scrolls your messages first from left to right into view, pauses, then scrolls up and away. Very interesting.
  • ITS Navigator Ticker freeware
    One of the most efficient and attractive Java ticker tapes out there! The applet is capable of containing different messages, each with its own URL associated with it.
  • freeware
    Want to add free news feed to your site? Thse are some great free tickers you can instantly use, including live news, market and sports tickers.
  • NewsMaker free for non commercial use
    NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling news ticker-scroller that reads its items and links from a text file. Supports background images and sound. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Pet Quotes free service
    This applet allows you to show visitors to your website a a new Pet Quote every time they visit your site. The applet can be customized to show all pet quotes or to show only dog or cat quotes. The font size and color can also be customized as well as the background color.
  • Phantom Scroll freeware
    This is a ghostly scroller applet. Scrolls text horizontally, with fading and pausing in between. Spooky!
  • ProScroll freeware
    A scrolling text applet that excels over similiar applets in that it is very small, fast, and stable. Not clickable.
  • Running Line Applet freeware
    Running Line applet displays text running from right to left. It randomly dislays from a text file.
  • ScrollIt freeware Editor's Choice
    The ScrollIt applet scrolls text horizontally, and supports URL links, configurable text color (including link color, and hover color), font style and size, and target frame for links to go to. Highly attractive and stylish an applet!
  • ScrollM freeware
    A simple horizontal text scroller that first scrolls the text left-right, then the opposite direction upon completion.
  • ScrollIt Up freeware
    A fast applet that scrolls text and links upwards, with the ability to fast forward/rewind or pause the content.
  • Scrolling Text freeware
    A simple applet that scrolls the enclosed text. Not clickable.
  • Scroller Applet freeware
    A single-lined scroller that scrolls the contents upwards, one line at a time, and pausing between each line.
  • Sideways news scroller freeware
    Getting its data from an external .txt file, this scroller applet scrolls from right to left. Very lightweight. Note: Direct download link here.
  • Solid Scroller commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet displays a scrolling text, using colourful fonts. The text can jump, and wave, and you may even be able to add a mirror effect on bottom area.
  • StringWalk freeware
    StringWalk is a very small and efficient scroller. Supports links, and pauses when you move the mouse over it.
  • tScroll free for non-commercial use
    A highly configurable scroller that can scoll up-down, or sideways.
  • Text Scroller freeware
    This is a classic, left right scroller applet. Fast, efficient, and free!
  • Text Scroller II freeware
    A simple and fast upwards scrolling text applet. Supports custom background image.
  • Ticker freeware
    Vertical menu scroller with optional URL link, pauses on mouseover and between messages.
  • TinyBulletin freeware
    This is a cool and practical scroller that scrolls one message at a time, pausing between messages. Clickable, so clicking the message will take you to a pre-determined URL.
  • Up Scroll freeware New!
    This versatile up down scroller pauses between each message, and fades out the previous message out of view.
  • Waving Banner freeware
    Highly efficient scroller that "waves" the containing text as well!
  • Wave distortion scroller freeware
    This interesting scroller applet renders a wavy distortion on the text to scroll, with endless varieties of distortions supported. Click on the upper left link on their homepage to download it.
  • Webticker free service
    A live news applet that shows the latest news in a black "bar". Attractive interface.
  • JavaScript Kit scroller scripts
    Another way to implement a scroller for your site is through JavaScript. Check out these scroller JavaScripts from

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