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  • CoolScroll freeware
    Very cool text animator that "bounces" and scrolls the enclosed text. The text has to be images (making customizing it a bit of a hassle).
  • Descrambler-Effect Text freeware
    This applet creates a "descrambling" effect to any text. The applet displays the message by decoding and displaying the message a few characters at a time, randomly choosing combinations until the remaining letters in the message are finalized. A sound effect is accompanied as well. Very cool!
  • Fade freeware
    This applet allows any text to fade from a specified background color to a specified text color as well as being a link to any specified URL.
  • Fading banner freeware
    A banner applet that displays infinite number of messages. During each message change, a fading effect is applied.
  • Flaming Text freeware
    Burn baby burn your text, with this cool flaming text applet!
  • GrowText freeware
    Bring attention to specific text by making it continuously grow and shrink, with this applet!
  • Handwriting text freeware New!
    This unique applet animates text into view by writing it out on letter at a time. Cool!
  • JFade freeware
    A clickable message fader that fades among infinite number of messages. A great and easy way to add a little interactively to the dull text/text links!
  • Pulse Text v1.0 freeware
    PulseText is a tiny, free and stylish text effect applet. Lines of text appear character-by-character accompanied by a pulse, then fades out. A number of different variations on this effect can be achieved by tweaking it's parameters. 
  • Sinus Logo freeware
    Very unique logo applet. Drag the mouse within the logo to make it wiggle around.
  • Star Wars text applet freeware
    In a galaxy far away, here we have a applet that display your message in Starwars Fashion.
  • Terminator freeware
    Remember the liquid animation in Terminator 2 with the bad guy? This applet performs such an effect on text!
  • TextBouncer freeware
    An applet that makes the enclosed text skip and hop around- very charming!
  • TextScroll freeware
    One of the most efficient, visually pleasing horizontal scrollers we've seen!
  • Wavy Text freeware
    Make your text appear wavy!
  • JavaScript Kit text scripts
    Another way of manipulating text to achieve interesting effects is through JavaScript. Check out these great text JavaScripts from

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