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  • Analog clock freeware
    Display a petite analog clock on your site. Use the code generator to easily preview and retrieve the source code to paste onto your site.
  • Chrono Lisa clock freeware
    This clock applet features a futuristic time display of 3 interlocking ovals and is fully customizable. Just cut and paste!
  • Clock Man freeware
    Literally, a clock with the face of a man in the background. Fun!
  • Crazy clock freeware
    Crazy digital clock. Digits jump and bend!
  • Antony's Java Clock freeware
    This is a very customizable Java clock that can display the time either in digital or analog fashion. Furthermore, the time zone of the clock is changeable, so you can use it to display the time of anywhere in the world. Very cool!
  • CCalendar free for non-commercial use
    CCalendar is an impressive calendar applet. Configure the global appearence and the photo you want to show. Applet allows you to link event to the days.
  • ChineseClock $11
    A clock that displays the time/date in chinese characters, either vertically or horizontally. Unique.
  • Countdown Applet freeware
    Free countdown applet with many customizable parameters. Sensitive to the second.
  • Digital Tochki Display freeware
    A digital bulletin that can display the time, along with text and animation.
  • H.J. Tsai clock shop freeware
    A cool Java clock site featuring original clocks, including a cute "puppy" analog clock.
  • Java Analog Clock freeware
    A customizable analog clock with a killer interface. It should liven up even the dullest of websites.
  • Java Clock Maker freeware
    This is a free online tool that allows you to painlessly create a Java clock, customized to your liking (ie: font size, color, etc). Just select the options you want, cut and paste some HTML code onto your site, and you're done!
  • JCalendar freeware
    Calendar is an attractive date picker bean. Highly configurable and free.
  • JCalendarCombo freeware
    The JCalendarCombo control is a simple yet powerful GUI Calendar widget for your applications. Add date functionality to your java applications easily with this Swing GUI library. 
  • JClock 2.5 freeware
    Fully customizable Java clock applet free for use on personal and commercial pages. Features include: customizable fonts, colors, digits, digit sizing, positioning, 12/24 hour and other time formating, timezones, blinking, background colors and images, borders, plugins, and more.
  • NET Clock freeware
    NET Clock is an implementation of New Earth Time concept. New Earth Time divides a day into 360 degrees and a degree into 60 minutes. It has an outer ring that contains a view to the user's current local time plus an analogue and digital representation of the NET time.
  • Siesta Applet freeware
    Use this applet to wake you up from a late afternoon nap or meditation. Set the timer, and when expired, the applet will a thundering noise to bring you back.
  • TCalDate free for non-commercial use
    TCalDate is a little Calendar Applet. The size is very small (11.9 Ko), and runs on all browsers with JDK 1.02 support. TCaldate supports LiveConnect technologies for JavaScript applet communication.
  • ZeroHour freeware New!
    A highly customizable countdown/up timer for Java capable browsers. Features different background/text color options, different display options, ability to display message of your choice once the target date is reached, and ability to start a positive count (count up) once the target date is reached.

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