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  • Acoola freeware/commercial
    Acoola is a Java applet that displays your animated images/banners with nice looking transition effects. Comes in freeware and commercial versions.

  • aDraw freeware
    aDraw is a complete paint program ( freehand, fill, ...). It is possible to save painted images in GIF and PNG format.

  • Anfy Cam commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet reloads an image from a given URL location every a specified number of seconds. In other words, it can display the frames generated by a webcam. In addition, it generates nice fading effects!

  • Anti Spam Applet freeware New!
    Source code and explanation on how to display your email address using a Java applet, so spam harvesters cannot retrieve your email address via your web page.

  • Applet Composer $189, free evaluation copy
    Applet Composer is a completely visual design studio for fast, robust, and unique applet customization. The user-friendly interface puts the web master in control over all aspects of applet design. The evaluation version of Composer contains several FREE license Applets for use on the internet, including Smooth Scroll Up II

  • Automated reasoning applet freeware
    Using this applet you can prove or disprove theorems or various logical systems. Also, access any logical expression(s). This allows you to solve any logical problem that you might have. The applet's code can be very useful in any application that has to work with artificial intelligence or logical problems and must make decisions based on given information.

  • Bob freeware
    Bob is an artificial intelligence program which handles a conversation with the user in Natural language. Free for download!

  • Body Mass Index freeware
    This is a richly designed Body Mass Calculator. Input your specifications (age, height etc), and the applet provides feedback on your Body Mass and general health.

  • Cartoon Popup free for non commercial use
    A cartoon bubble with the text of your choice appears when your cursor is over the image link. They are easy to use , work without a plug in and are completely free for non commercial use. You can also set the font, color,border and even use them with a tiled background.

  • Color Picker freeware
    Easily look up the hexadecimal value for a color by using this applet. Very useful!

  • FTP server applet freeware
    This is a fully featured FTP server written in Java. The design is really modular and the server is fully customizable. Using it you can share files over the Internet.

  • J-Track satellite tracking n/a
    J-track allows you to track the orbit of some of the most well known space landmarks, from Mir, Hubble, shuttles (if in orbit), to tomorrow's weather. Quite interesting.

  • JavaBee freeware
    JavaBee is a utility which lets you locate, install and run applets from the internet or an intranet. If you are tired of using a browser when all you really want to do is RUN JAVA APPLETS, then JBee is for you.

  • Java calculator free for non commercial use
    Simple Java Calculator. Easy installation, sticky and float mode, compatible with all web browsers.

  • Java Forum freeware
    Add a free, efficient Java forum to your site. The program is actually a combination of Perl with a coolJava interface, and is free for download!

  • JUpload free for non commercial use
    JUpload supports uploading of
    multiple files to the webserver using standard HTTP protocol. Features proxy support, https, file upload resuming, image preview and more. Free for non-commercial use.

  • Matrix Applet free for non commercial use
    This is a configurable visual applet that renders the computer terminal in the popular Hollywood movie "The Matrix". Very cool.

  • Password Protect freeware
    Use this Java applet to password protect your page! The correct password is not embedded inside the page, making viewing the page's source to see it futile.

  • Pocket Calculator freeware
    The Pocket Calculator is a basic "pocket book" style calculator. The calculator lanches inside it's own mini window, allowing you to "carry" it around. Very cool!

  • ReadMail free for non-commerical use
    This is a fabulous applet that allows you to read your pop email account directly thru a web browser (via the applet). Very cool indeed!

  • tEuroCale free for non commercial use
    tEuroCale is a little and nice Calculator with Euro convertor. Free for personnal use.

  • TMail free for non-commerical use
    With this applet you can send email directly through your browser window (or application).

  • UploadBean free for non-commerical use
    UploadBean is 100% JAVA component (JavaBean) that allows to upload files. This bean could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. You can store uploaded files in a Folder, a ZIP archive, a Database or in Memory. Restrictions such as file size limit, blacklist and max. uploaded files are available.

  • Xyrian freeware
    Xyrian™ is a unique tool that provides Java™ developers with instant architecture and functionality to simplify the creation and management of J2EE™ applications. It is available to download for free.

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