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Hosted Chat

  • QuickChat freeware
    Use QuickChat to add a streaming chat room for your visitors to converse, integrated directly and fully into your site! Simply cut and paste some code onto your page, and off you go.
  • RaiderSoft Chat freeware
    Highly customizable, free Java chat service courtesy of RaiderSoft. Complete with optional profanity filtering, graphic emotions, audio, IRC, and more.
  • IRC People Chat Room freeware
    A free hosted Java chat room service for your site. Create your own private channel where visitors can interact in.
  • SpinChat freeware
    A great and free integrated chat room for your own site. Highly customizable, and comes in a great interface.
  • MyinfoChat freeware
    Free hosted multilingual chat with skins and smileys support. Also, Asian font (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and firewall options.
  • IamSurfing Chat freeware
    Free chat service for webmasters. Comes with a rich, attractive interface and lots of features.

Chat applets

  • Chatforyou Chat freeware
    Freeware chat software. It consists of the client-side applet, which is embedded in the web page, and the server-side on the web server. The server-side is Perl script, or Java application. The quick loading, size of chat applet - 14 Kb.
  • ChatBuilder IRC1 freeware New!
    ChatBuilder IRC1 is a client chat applet that connects to an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server via a web browser. IRC is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. Limited freeware version available.
  • jzChat freeware
    This Java servlet renders a 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. They can choose chat's look and feel. Private messages supported.
  • Visual Chat freeware
    Visual Chat is a 100% free avatar based java chat applet, featuring 3d perspective, upload of user images, different emotions with connectable keywords, public and private rooms and an intuitive graphical user interface.

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This script adds the ability for your users to toggle your webpage's font size, with persistent cookies then used to remember the setting.

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