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  • ImageZoom free for non commercial use
    ImageZoom allows your site visitors to take a closer look at the images/photo inside your web pages. Your visitor can zoom in your images by clicking on the images. You can customize the number of zoom level and panning speed from one side to another side easily. The size of this java applet itself is small (less than 5k) and load up quickly in your web page.
  • 3D rotating Cube freeware
    A cool "3D rotating cube with pictures on each side. You just need to give the Applet one picture for each side of the cube, with an optional link to another document. The images are projected and even resized automatically"
  • AlexWarp freeware
    AlexWarp is an image warping applet. Drag inside an image to twist and "muck" it up. Great fun!
  • Anfy Flag commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet can generate and animate a waving flag in realtime, and the flags of 34 nations are supported.
  • Anfy Lens $20/ free with limitation
    A real time lens applet that can be applied to any gif/jpg. Move the lens around the image to magnify that portion of it. Part of the Andy Java package (the package has to be downloaded as a whole).
  • Anfy Water $20/ free with limitation
    An incredible realtime water effect that creates live water ripples over any image. Use it to create the illusion of an image under water. Part of the Andy Java package (the package has to be downloaded as a whole).
  • BannerDisplay
    The BannerDisplay applet can retrieve a list of image locations from a text file or parameters in the HTML page, and displays them in a variety of ways.
  • B-pack image effects free for non commercial use
    B-pack is a series of Java applets that render real-time visual effects on an image, including rain, fire, emboss etc. Free for non commercial use (with copyright notice displayed).
  • BumpMap commercial/ free with limitation
    BumpMap sheds a light over any image, although unlike Bumpz, this light is directional (and NOT a spotlight).
  • CodeBrain Halloween Kit freeware
    13 eerie applet sets based on the fantastical art of Ralph Light (GhostGalleries) and David Griffiths' superb Lake applet. The download comes complete with all graphics and everything you need to ghost-up your page, and each demo is on a separate, super-simple HTML page for quick-and-easy cut-and-paste!
  • Color Up free for non commercial use
    Color Up is a cool onmouseover applet that transforms any image from gray scale to color when the mouse is over the image, and back to gray when it's not.
  • Cool Banner freeware
    This applet takes any number of banners (468x60) and rotates them in order using different cool transitional effects to hide one and display the next. Highly configurable.
  • ET Random Image applet freeware
    "ET Random Image applet takes a list of images and shows one of them at random. Useful if you have several different commercial images that you want to show one at a time."
  • Galaxy commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet generates various kinds of realtime "galaxy" effects.
  • Go 360 free for non commercial use
    Go360 is an impressive panorama viewer applet. Drag and view an image in 360 degrees!
  • Image 3D freeware
    This applet takes in any image and rotates it in the X, Y, or Z axis. Creates a very cool, although not exactly useful, effect for your images.
  • Image Today free for non commercial use
    With "Image Today", you can schedule each pictures to display, rotate in specific day, month, hour or even minutes! You can also assign different link to each image.If displaying the right picture at right time is important for your site, "Image Today" is the choice!
  • Image Wobble freeware
    Wobble an image around with this interesting image applet!
  • J-Ads freeware
    J-Ads not only helps you rotate ad banners, but with a little flare! It "rolls" a banner into view during each rotation, and works with ANY Java enabled browser, so your banners will be seen by a maximum number of surfers. This is one of the best Java-based ad rotation program we've seen...
  • JPhotoBrush freeware
    This is an image enhancement and editing application writte
    n in Java 1.3. Similar to Adobe PhotoShop in function (though obviously not as powerful!).
  • Kiss Me freeware
    Now you can let your visitors kiss a picture of yourself or someone else, with this kissing applet!
  • Lake applet freeware
    A lake applet that creates a dazzling, moving lake picture.
  • Light Rays v1.0 (Personal Edition) free for non commercial use
    This is the world's first volumetric light rays effect for images complete with GUI control and automatic HTML code generation. It is finally made freely available to end users
  • Image viewer applet free for non commerical use
    Image Viewer Applet allows you to easily display a lot of images on one Web page. View all images in thumbnail, zoom in, zoom out of images, and more.
  • My Java Gold Fish freeware
    A fun applet that creates a fish bowl with a fish that swims around when the mouse is over it. Lots of fun, if nothing else!
  • OverlaySlide freeware
    OverlaySlide takes an image and draws it. It then takes another image, and from left to right, draws it on top of the first image, either in a narrow band (as above) or in a solid sweep.
  • Paint commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet is a complete paint program, with freehand and geometric drawing tools. It is possible to save painted images to the web space where you placed the applet, via the mailserver (smtp, port 25). If a background image is specified, the applet becomes a colouring book.
  • Paintapplet freeware
    Paintapplet is a "color book" applet that allows you to interactively fill in colors for the various objects inside of it. Very fun!
  • Plasma X freeware
    Plasma X renders a cool "plasma" effect on your image in real time. Use it to spice up any image with real time plasmas!
  • Plasmize freeware
    This cool applet takes two images and does a plamize fade between the images.
  • QGoo image applet free for non commerical use
    QGoo is a whimsical little image manipulation applet that allows you to "muck up" an image. The image is fully customizable. Sheer fun is this applet!
  • Quasar freeware
    Quasar is a multi-layer animation applet with truly amazing versatility and range, sound support, and simple setup. Even minor changes in parameters produce startlingly different effects. Detailed instructions, six working demos, and graphics and sound files are provided with the download. A fantastic eye-catcher!
  • Rollover Image applet freeware
    One of the most popular JavaScript applications is now written in Java too. This applet allows you to create a "rollover" image, where the image changes when the mouse moves over and out of it. The advantage of it being written in Java is that the effect functions in all browsers, as long as the browser supports Java (even in IE 3).
  • Snow commercial/ free with limitation
    This applet visualises realistic snow flakes as a layer over a selected image, preferably the one with snow already present on the ground. This looks more natural.
  • Snow, The freeware
    Another very interesting snow effect applet. Comes with step by step installation instructions.
  • Snow Drift freeware
    Similar to the above two, snow drift is an efficient snowing applet with optional text you can add overlapping the effect.
  • Winter Snow free for non commercial use New!
    This applet
    generates random snow over any background image, various parameters to customize sound. Random speeds for more realistic effects. Free for non commerical use.
  • Spin 360 commercial/ free for non-commercial use
    If regular photos/pictures are just not enough for your web site, a 360 degree photo viewing java applet can help. Spin360 is the right tool to show a room or environment from all 360 degrees!
  • Spotlight over image  freeware
    A cool applet that darkens any image, and applies a moving spotlight over it, controlled by the mouse. Spectacular and efficient effect!
  • The Advertiser  freeware
    "This applet animates advertisements on web pages using up to 14 transition effects.  The images can either be in gif or jpeg and are scaled automatically to the applet size.  The urls to load, the transition effects and the delay between each advertisement can be configured through many applet parameters"
  • The Ripple Applet freeware
    An applet that takes any .GIF or .JPG and transforms it into a ripply sheet.
  • The TV applet free with limitation
    This interesting image applet renders a TV when no channel is "on"...complete with hissing audio!
  • TinyRandomImage freeware
    Want to display a random image out of many on your page? Use this applet.
  • WebBanner freeware
    WebBanner is your free ad campaign applet. Use it to rotate through gif and jpg images of all your favorite ads.

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