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  • 3D rotating menu freeware
    This applets shows a 3D ring of images. Set up messages and url for each one. Use this applet to navigate the web.
  • Cube Menu commercial/ free with limitations
    This applet is a Cube that can work as a selector menu, where each face of a cube is a selectable link. This applet is fully parametrized, so you can change the size and movements of the cube.
  • Drop-down combo box freeware
    A combo box that allows you to select from a list of links to go to.
  • Free Java Tree Applet freeware New!
    This Java applet will provide a sophisticated Tree style view to your web pages. Very cool indeed.
  • Infinite Icon Menu $129+
    "Highly customizable infinite menu system. Create unlimited sub menu levels in any configuration with custom icon images and backgrounds. Custom position individual main menu images and highlight images to create standard vertical and horizontal menu layouts or use in conjunction with a background image to create an entire site map."
  • Java tListe free for non-commerical use
    An amazing folding menu tree applet with an even more amazing interface. Many versions to choose from.
  • JJD barLinker free for non-commerical use
    Use these attractive Java buttons to stimulate navigation from your surfers!
  • LinkBar freeware
    An attractive Windows 95 task bar clone that goes to any url(s) when clicked on. The bar also displays an optional tooltip when the mouse moves over the individual buttons.
  • Menu Applet freeware
    This is a cool a multi-level menu applet which may be configured from a data file via a url. You may have seen something similar created using DHTML, but with Java, it's cross browser!
  • Menu Button freeware
    This is a great button applet that changes color and makes a sound when you move the mouse over it!
  • Menu Link freeware
    Condense your links into this neat little Java drop down list. Select a link from the list, and the browser will navigate to it.
  • Morph Menu commercial/ free with limitations
    This applet is a navigational menu: it can display up to 20 submenu's, with max 20 items each menu, but consider even the limit of the phisical space where the items are displayed. There are different effects in the background and morphing between characters.
  • Navigation Button Bar freeware
    A very practical, stylish, and fast loading menu applet. Move your mouse over the individual buttons, and they pop up.
  • Outline applet freeware
    A Explorer-like folder menu tree that can be used to organize your links.
  • Popmenu applet freeware
    This applet creates a button bar that contains pop-up buttons. Very eye-catching.
  • tMButton free for non-commerical use
    A very cool, multi-button applet. The size is very small (8.1Kb), and runs on all browser with support JDK 1.02 (no problem on Windows 3.11). With this applet you can add in your site a button bar, or tabs effect.
  • TOCmocha freeware
    TOCmocha is a simple and compact Table of Contents JavaTM applet. One-level folders and frames-based navigation with option to specify the target-frame for each content line are supported.
  • tOnglet Applet free for non-commerical use
    A simple, fast loading tabbing applet.
  • TreeApplet freeware
    Another folder menu tree with a "Quake" (the game) look.
  • Tree Menu commercial/ free with limitations
    This applet is a navigational menu, which emulates the windows tree structures. It can display unlimited menus and submenus, with any kind of icons. The link feature works only when you are registered by paying.
  • The Java Hermit free for non-commercial use
    A collection of HIGHLY attractive menu applets, free for non-commercial use.
  • Wheel Menu commercial/ free with limitations
    This applet is a 3D navigational menu: it can display up to 8 menu's, with 8 items in each menu.
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