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  • Clock Man freeware
    Literally, a clock with the face of a man in the background. Fun!
  • Crazy clock freeware
    Crazy digital clock. Digits jump and bend!
  • Antony's Java Clock freeware
    This is a very customizable Java clock that can display the time either in digital or analog fashion. Furthermore, the time zone of the clock is changeable, so you can use it to display the time of anywhere in the world. Very cool!
  • Bill's Clock freeware
    A very attractive analog clock that also displays the date inside, similar to some hand watches.
  • Calender Applet  N/A
    A standard calender applet that can display date information up to the year 2050.
  • ChineseClock $11
    A clock that displays the time/date in chinese characters, either vertically or horizontally. Unique.
  • Geek Clock freeware
    This is a unique clock for the computer literate. Displays the clock in binary mode, meaning unless you're a computer geek, you won't be able to read it!
  • H.J. Tsai clock shop freeware
    A cool Java clock site featuring original clocks, including a cute "puppy" analog clock.
  • Java Analog Clock freeware
    A customizable analog clock with a killer interface. It should liven up even the dullest of websites.
  • Java Clock Maker freeware
    This is a free online tool that allows you to painlessly create a Java clock, customized to your liking (ie: font size, color, etc). Just select the options you want, cut and paste some HTML code onto your site, and you're done!
  • JClock 2.5 freeware
    Fully customizable Java clock applet free for use on personal and commercial pages. Features include: customizable fonts, colors, digits, digit sizing, positioning, 12/24 hour and other time formating, timezones, blinking, background colors and images, borders, plugins, and more.
  • Lithic Calendar freeware
    Lithic Calendar provides a way to create a calendar with 12 months of pictures, displayed one month at a time. The applet is easily customizable, so that any web site can display its own 12 months worth of   pictures. The calendar has multi-lingual support and end-user controlover the colors. This is one of the best calenders I have seen to date. Very cool!
  • Lunar Calender N/A
    A lunar calendar which gives the phase of the moon from forty-five days in the past to forty-five days into the future.
  • Millennium Clock freeware
    The millennium is approaching soon. Use this stylish and fast loading millennium clock to count down to this important date!
  • Scrolling Clock freeware
    A digital clock that scrolls as well (from left to right), like a text scroller.
  • Siesta Applet freeware
    Use this applet to wake you up from a late afternoon nap or meditation. Set the timer, and when expired, the applet will a thundering noise to bring you back.
  • Sun Clock free for non-commercial use
    The SunClock applet displays the current time of day, the phase of the moon, and a map of the world showing the sunrise and sunset terminator. It also displays the times of twilight, sunrise and sunset, as well as the age of the moon, the number of days since the last new moon, and the times of moonrise and moonset. Very cool.
  • TCalDate free for non-commercial use
    TCalDate is a little Calendar Applet. The size is very small (11.9 Ko), and runs on all browsers with JDK 1.02 support. TCaldate supports LiveConnect technologies for JavaScript applet communication.
  • World Clock freeware New!
    This is a great Java analog clock that can display not only the local time, but international time(s) as well. Very cool!

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